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For many enthusiastic anglers, the perch paves the way for predatory fish hunting. Since the small predator can be found in almost any body of water and is not particularly shy, the perch is one of the most popular target fish when hunting predatory fish. With us you will find the right equipment that we have developed and put together specifically for fishing perch: In addition to our fishing rod THE PERCH ONE, which is suitable for a wide variety of fishing methods, we offer our soft lures, our chatterbait (for large perch) and various assemblies , Tungsten and of course high quality fishing lines. You are perfectly equipped with our PERCH PRO BOX: With this perfectly coordinated set you get everything you need for perch fishing - the basic equipment, so to speak. All our products are made of environmentally friendly materials and are characterized by clean processing. Since we are enthusiastic anglers ourselves, we only want to sell you the best and are of course always happy to advise you.

Bass fishing tips

Perch prefer to bite when it is still a little twilight. During the day, especially in the early morning hours when it is not yet light, and at night between 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. But sometimes they also bite well between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. It always depends on the location of the body of water and the time of year. You can find perch in rivers and canals as well as in lakes. In rivers, you will find perch close to currents, as this is where their feeder fish like to hang out. In canals, the predatory fish especially love sheet piling on the canal, as this is the best place for them to hunt. When you go lake fishing, you'll find them near shallow water, where they dwell in the depths. An echo sounder can help you track down the little predators. The fact is that perch fishing is really fun because they are predatory fish in many different waters due to their high adaptability.

Frequently asked questions about bass fishing

There are many different baits that are basically suitable for perch, for example wobblers, spinners and rubber baits. At JAEGER, we have specialized in perch, among other things, and offer you the following baits:
ASTA: Our vibration shrimp, which is particularly suitable for predatory fish hunts for large perch in fresh water. The lifelike movements of the legs that stick out on both sides under water make it one of our favorite baits.
ABRAM: The action-packed shovel tail is one of the classic rubber lures that we have made even better. We designed it to be as lively as possible in the water.
OPIS: This rubber lure creates a particularly lifelike, wavy action in the water. This makes it a real secret weapon if other lures don't work.
PHOX: The pintail under our rubber baits moves almost exactly like a real bait fish under water. We recommend this universally usable bait especially in difficult conditions.
SCORP: Our chatterbait was specially developed for big perch and is made entirely of tungsten. It consists of environmentally friendly and particularly robust materials

Perch prefer to bite when it is twilight. So either in the early hours of the morning, before it gets light, or in the evening between 6 and 8:30 p.m. But of course it always depends on the season. However, perch are definitely most active in the evening, which increases the success rate accordingly.

Perch are also called perch and represent an order of bony fish. There are over 10,000 different perch worldwide, over 1500 genera, 160 families and 20 suborders. In Europe, especially perch (perch), zander, Volga zander, nerd, zingel, Schrätzer, ruff, largemouth bass and sunfish should be emphasized.

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