Braided line "PISA"Braided line "PISA"

Braided line "PISA"

Fluorocarbon "ARGYR" 30mFluorocarbon "ARGYR" 30m

Fluorocarbon "ARGYR" 30m

Fishing lines are a science in themselves. However, after many tests and stages of development, we at JAEGER have been able to create the optimal line and the perfect leader. Our 8-strand braided line impresses with its enormous sensitivity, high abrasion resistance and comfortable handling. So that no bite goes unnoticed!
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Fishing lines for your target fish from JAEGER

Fishing lines: differences and claims

Finding the right line for your target fish can turn out to be a bigger undertaking than you might initially think. There are basically two main types of cord: monofilament and braided cord. The monofilament line consists of a single strand, while the braided line is composed of several fibers. This interweaving makes the cord less stretchy but much stronger and more resilient. Here, too, we want to offer the optimum for the respective target fish, which is why we recommend an 8-plaited fishing line. Our JAEGER line is silky smooth and extremely abrasion-resistant. It not only reproduces every plucked sound, but is also characterized by its long durability. Therefore, all requirements are combined in one. So no bite goes unnoticed!

Fishing lines: main line and leaders

Fishing line is commonly referred to as the main line, which is spooled onto the reel and pulled through each ring along the rod. There are not only differences in the types of cord, but also in length and load capacity. During development, we always look at the interaction of the fishing reel, fishing rod, as well as the use and fishing methods. As always, we proceed in a target fish-oriented manner and only offer the best. When it comes to fishing for predatory fish and fishing in general, there is another important component: the leader. Here, too, there are different requirements depending on the fish. We therefore offer a fluorocarbon leader for perch, which is characterized by its transparency and high robustness. Highest sensitivity and success guaranteed. Discover and order fishing lines now!

Frequently asked questions about fishing lines

The main thing here is the strength of the fish. With a perch you take a thinner main line, while with a pike a thicker diameter is an advantage. After many stages of development, we have designed the optimal main line for perch with the PISA. Such a line will also come with the pike.

The difference is already in the name. While a fishing line is spooled directly onto the reel and pulled through the rings along the fishing rod, the leader is used further back. The leader is attached to the end of the main line with a knot. For example, our ready-made rigs can be tied directly to the main line. Ready to go!

It all comes down to preference and willingness to pay. While the monofilament line can often be purchased very cheaply, the braided line offers extremely good handling, high abrasion resistance and strong bite detection. We at JAEGER therefore recommend the 8-plaited PISA line for perch.

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