Fishing is one of the oldest activities in human history and we all have an inherent drive to hunt and catch. Over millennia we have learned to wait patiently and read the smallest signs of Mother Nature. The adrenaline just before the catch, the disappointment of losing and the overwhelming happiness of success are the essence of fishing.

However, industrial fishing has ensured that man has lost all relationship to nature and animals. We no longer know where the fish in the supermarkets comes from and what it takes to give the animals the respect and habitat they need. At JAEGER we therefore believe that it is every fisherman's responsibility to love and protect nature. Ultimately, fishing brings us back to the roots and is an excellent way to get to know animals and nature more closely.


Release the big ones.⁠ There are good reasons why you should do this. Big fish have an ecologically important function. The large mother animals are far superior to smaller fish in terms of reproductive performance and help to secure and renew stocks. They produce more and larger eggs, which in turn means more resilient offspring. Consideration when removing is therefore required.


For the sake of nature. We use tungsten on all JAEGER weights. Tungsten, also known as wolfram, is free from harmful substances. In contrast to lead, nature is not polluted. Care about nature.


We use the best possible rubber mixtures for the JAEGER rubber baits. BPA and phthalate free. Enriched with salt and natural flavors. The focus is on constant further development.