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If you are interested in one of the strongest fighting predators of our waters, then you can brace yourself with the pike. The rubber baits are among the most popular baits when it comes to pike fishing. At JAEGER we offer you special pike baits to lure the pike out of its reserve.

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Pike bait: Developed for the big predators

Successful pike lures for big catches

What makes a pike lure successful. It is clear to us that depending on the cloudiness of the water, the color can play a major role. The action of the pike bait can, however, go beyond the visual and activate the pike via the lateral line organ. Because the pike can feel every change under water from great distances. So it was clear that our pike lures had to be optimized in this regard. The result is rubber baits that generate the greatest possible pressure under water with the slightest movement and create a hypnotic movement for the pike. So even a reluctant robber can no longer resist. Our pike baits can be fished on both jig hooks and shallow rigs. The ready-made montages are in development and will soon be available here as well. The pike will look forward to its prey!

Superlative pike bait

After hundreds of hours of development and testing, we have developed three lures in our Pike series that have it all. With the SEMO we offer a rubber fish of superlatives. With 18 cm and its bulbous shape, it makes rolling movements and a lot of noise. But that wasn't enough for us, because his secret weapon is in his paddle. A concave indentation makes all the difference because it displaces more water, creating even more pressure underwater. With the MEGO we took a closer look at the frog. At 20 cm, it is also ideal for larger specimens. The goal was to build a lure that would attract as much attention as possible with the slightest movement. With its four twister tails and their aquadynamic shape, the lure floats through the water with a hypnotic movement. Due to its surface, the pike lure casts a relatively large shadow and attracts pike looking up.

Frequently asked questions about pike lures

As with perch, there are many different types of bait for pike. These range from wobblers to spinners to rubber baits. One of the most popular is definitely the rubber bait. It can be fished in all water depths with different bait weights. Different actions can be called up with the various forms.

When fishing, not only the bait plays a role, but also understanding the predator and his prey. While the larger specimens venture into open water, the medium to smaller ones like to take cover. It is therefore important to fish off edges and sometimes dare to cast into open water. A big pike can suddenly surprise you. Our tail baits will help you with that.

As with many topics related to fishing for predatory fish, opinions differ here. We see a clear advantage of rubber pike lures, not only because they can be used in a variety of ways with different assemblies and weights, but also because they have clearly proven themselves and deliver success. Of course, other types of bait can also deliver the desired catching success. For example, we get an incredible number of photos of pike caught on our SCORP (Chatterbait).

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