JAEGER has set itself the goal of making fishing efficient and easy. All developments focus on the angler and his success. We're always looking for ways to help you catch fish faster and more effectively - with target fish-optimized products made from the finest materials.


Our ultimate goal is your success on the water! We follow a clear philosophy - we develop the perfect equipment for every target fish. No more equipment jungle. With us, everything is optimally tailored to your target fish. The perch (perch) is one of our favorite fish and the first target fish for which we have designed optimized equipment. More target fish follow. Get started now and catch your dream fish!

Unique Design

JAEGER fishing equipment is designed in Zurich with great attention to detail. Our design language is clear. We focus on the essentials and reinterpret classic shapes. The origin of our vision comes from the optimal model, nature itself. In terms of colors and shapes, JAEGER orientates itself on the environment of the target fish in order to ensure optimal performance and aesthetics.