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Shallow Go KitShallow Go Kit

Shallow Go Kit

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Shallow Rig 4x Reload Bundle

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Pike Shallow Rig SetPike Shallow Rig Set

Pike Shallow Rig Set






VIMBA (3 pieces)


If aggressive and powerful predators appeal to you, then pike fishing is the logical next step. In order to outwit a pike, a few things should be considered when it comes to equipment. We offer a selection of the most successful bait shapes, specially developed for pike. So nothing stands in the way of pike fishing and the big catch!

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Pike fishing: High-quality equipment from Jaeger Fishing

The perfect equipment for your success

When it comes to pike fishing, there are several aspects to consider. Here not only the fishing method is decisive, but also the pike rod and the pike bait. With the most successful bait shapes, pike fishing is simply more fun. We have taken on absolute classics and reinterpreted them. The pike bait family with the SEMO, MEGO and VIMBA offer the whole spectrum here. So you can optimally fish for large, but also for medium-sized pike. The fishing method is made easy with us thanks to the prefabricated pike rigs. Last but not least, the PIKE ONE pike rod has been built for a high-end fishing experience. As an all-round rod at the highest level, it can be used in almost all situations. As always, it was important for us to perfectly coordinate the rod, bait and rig for this predatory fish in order to guarantee the highest possible chance of success. Convince yourself!

Tips for pike fishing

1. Fishing shallow in late winter: When it's still cold, the first pike migrate to very shallow water to mate in January. They can also be found here in May after the spawning season.
2. Fishing on the edges: Especially in inactive phases, it can be worth rigging your shads on a jig head and then dragging them up the bank edges close to the bottom.
3. Dream fish in no man's land: The big ones from the water usually stay in deep open water. Here you should stick to the large schools of forage fish.
4. Overfishing top, underfishing flop: pike only notice what is happening above them. When the pike is in midwater and we are fishing on the bottom, it doesn't see our bait. That's why it's better to fish one floor higher.
5. Light and flexible: With our SEMO and the MEGO, you are prepared for all situations, but still clearly on the go.

Frequently asked questions about pike fishing

Looking at the times of the day, morning as well as early evening is the best time for pike fishing. However, what must be taken into account are the seasons, because especially in early summer the pike are extremely aggressive in their search for food after spawning and the chances are particularly good then.

Basically, pike fishing is like fishing for other predatory fish when it comes to the choice of fishing equipment. It needs a rod, reel, line, leader, rigs and pike bait. Of course, it depends on the desired casting weight and the fishing method. With the PIKE ONE, we recommend a rod that serves as a perfect all-rounder for the most successful methods and baits. Combined with a soft lure such as the MEGO, SEMO or VIMBA and the right rigs, you are quickly on the road to success.

The pike can be caught in early summer and autumn with the highest chances of success. Here we recommend equipping a classic like the SEMO with 10g and presenting it at different water depths. In spring they like to stand on flat ground and in autumn they tend to stand on edges. It's worth finding prey fish. Because where small fish cavort, the pike cannot be far away. You should always be prepared for a hard impact to set the attack.

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