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The powerful robber needs appropriate equipment. We developed our PIKE ONE especially for pike fishing. Swiss engineering and the highest quality standards are the focus. With a casting weight of 30-90g, small as well as large pike baits can be fished with our pike rod. Convince yourself!

Pike rod: Discover the perfect rod for pike

The pike rod for every situation

We took a lot of time to develop our special pike rod: Our PIKE ONE impresses with its versatility and is the ideal companion for your predatory fish in any body of water. Thanks to the casting weight of 30-90g, it can easily handle both small and large lures and weights. With its Easy Grip technology from JAEGER, the all-round spinning rod is optimally equipped for every fight. It comes with high-end guides from the traditional Japanese company Fuji and thus meets all the requirements of pike fishing. The heart of our PIKE ONE pike rod is clearly the blank material used, which comes from the Japanese carbon manufacturer Toray. A rod of superlatives specially developed for the target fish pike. With this pike rod, fun on the water is guaranteed!

Whether from the shore or the boat…

In general, when fishing, a distinction is made between shore and boat. Our own surveys with over 2000 anglers clearly show that more than three quarters of all anglers regularly fish from the bank. But that also means that about a quarter go by boat to hunt predatory fish. Since the type of fishing influences the choice of rod, especially rod length, it is important to distinguish between the boat and the bank. We deliberately developed our pike rod after asking many anglers who fish both from the bank and from the boat. This is how we were able to create our all-rounder PIKE ONE - for the desired success and, above all, fun on the water. With a length of 2.55 m, the rod can be used both on the bank and on a boat.

Frequently asked questions about pike rods

If you assume that you will be fishing actively and mainly from the bank, then rods between 2.40 and 2.70 m are ideal. With the PIKE ONE and its 2.55 m, we have developed the perfect all-rounder, which is suitable for the most popular baits such as rubber fish, wobblers, spoons and spinners.

When fishing for pike, baits are used that are a lot larger than, for example, perch baits. Soft lures 20 cm long that are equipped with a weight put enormous strain on a rod when it is cast out. If you don't cast such a lure with a robust pike rod, it is very likely that it will break at the most inopportune moment. A casting weight of around 20-70g is a must for a pike rod.

Pike rods almost always have a fast action. This means that when a pike rod is loaded, it only bends in the tip area. Rods with tip action are particularly precise when casting, because the energy released is only concentrated in the tip part and does not have to be distributed over the entire blank.
Furthermore, rods with the tip action are ideal for jigging or twitching and ensure extremely precise transmission. These are special fishing techniques in which the bait is only guided with the tip of the rod. Such a pike rod also performs when first struck by a pike, as its strong backbone directs the energy directly to the fish and thus hooks the hook cleanly.

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