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PERCH CAST - ML Baitcast RodPERCH CAST - ML Baitcast Rod

PERCH CAST - ML Baitcast Rod

"PERCH-E-2" reel"PERCH-E-2" reel

"PERCH-E-2" reel


If you want the most successful methods for perch fishing, then the Perch One is your ideal companion. The casting weight is chosen so that you can effortlessly use different baits. The harmonious relationship between rod length and ring arrangement or ring size helps you to cast far. Convince yourself and discover our ideal perch rod for your fishing success!

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Perch rod: The right rod for the most successful fishing methods

The development of the optimal perch rod

What makes a fishing rod exceptional? This question was a major factor in the development of the Perch One. The foundation of every rod is always the core material, also known as the blank. We wanted to set new standards with a perch rod that can use every bite: It doesn't matter whether it's a big or a small predatory fish. In addition, the angler should be able to use different methods. We were able to have a blank made by the world's leading carbon manufacturer Toray, which leaves nothing to be desired and enables an extra fast rod action. Paired with the Japanese-made reel mounts and precision guides, we gave our perch rod the finishing touch. The casting weight was specially chosen so that you can fish the most successful methods.

Top quality for perch fishing

If you want to fish for perch, you will often find a huge selection of fishing rods that can sometimes overwhelm you. That is why we have developed an optimally tuned all-rounder with the Perch One. Our perch rod has been designed in such a way that you can fish the most successful methods for perch. Our rod is a lot of fun when jigging or guiding Carolina, Texas or drop shot rigs, as the action of the blank can reflect even the smallest tug. A small buffer in the tip also enables clean fishing with cranks, chatterbaits or twitchbaits. So you are prepared for everything and can easily go to the water with your perch rod to hunt down the robbers.

Frequently asked questions about the perch rod

As a rule, the ideal rod length for a perch rod is between 2m and 2.30m. The longer the rod, the further you can cast it. Fishing tends to be longer from land and shorter from the boat. With the Perch One you get the ideal mix.

Most perch lures and the weights that go with them range from 5 to 15 grams casting weight. These lures and weights meet most requirements and ensure maximum fun even with smaller specimens.

When spinning, rods with a fast action are ideally used. Despite the speed, these rods work more than half of the blank under load. Even with a lighter pull, the tip gives in a little and allows the fish to pick up the bait more easily. You can feel everything that's going on at the other end of the line, you can lift the bait off the bottom cleanly and get the bites transformed perfectly. Combined with a casting weight of 5 to 15g, you are perfectly prepared with such a perch rod for fishing the most successful methods such as Texas, Carolina or Drop Shot Rig as well as smaller cranks, chatterbaits or twitchbaits. This is exactly what we paid attention to with our perch all-rounder PERCH ONE.

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