Are you looking for eco-friendly fishing weights, free from harmful substances? Then our JAEGER terminal tackle made of tungsten is just right for you. In our range you will find weights and jig hooks that do not require any lead at all. Convince yourself!

Tungsten Terminal Tackle

Tungsten Terminal Tackle: High quality and environmentally friendly

Our tungsten terminal tackle

The term terminal tackle comes from English and describes everything that is attached to the end of the line or leader. So all sorts of small parts, such as hooks, weights, jig heads, swivels, beads and many more. At JAEGER we invest a lot of time and energy in the development of our own products and only use high-quality materials. For us, high quality also means that our fishing equipment is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, because we want to protect our waters. For us, respect for nature goes hand in hand with fishing. All JAEGER weights are therefore made of tungsten and are therefore 100% lead-free. Tungsten is a metal also known as tungsten. We want to send a clear signal and hope that together we can contribute to a sustainable angel community.

Tungsten lead-free weights

Unfortunately, many fishing weights are still called lead. This is due to the fact that lead was used quite naturally in weights in the past. Many anglers still use lead weights because of this. It has been proven for a long time that other materials have great advantages over lead. Tungsten, also known as tungsten, is much more environmentally friendly. Because when using lead weights, the problem of releasing toxic substances for the fish arises. This is of course not only annoying when fishing for predatory fish and fishing in general, but also irresponsible. Finally, we want to preserve our beautiful nature for the future. Tungsten has many advantages in this regard. In addition to being environmentally friendly, Tungsten also has a higher density and hardness, which means it sinks faster and is more robust. So why use lead when tungsten is generally better?

Frequently Asked Questions about Tungsten Terminal Tackle

Tungsten, also known as tungsten, has three advantages over lead. The biggest advantage is reflected in the environmental friendliness of the material. In contrast to lead, this material does not release any toxic substances that can settle in the water. In addition, tungsten has a higher density and hardness. This allows the weight to drop faster, with even greater robustness.

Tungsten comes from English and means wolfram. Tungsten is an extremely high density metal suitable for use in fishing weights.

Terminal tackle is anything that can be attached to the end of the line or leader. The term comes from English, where the word tackle describes the equipment or rigging and terminal the end - in this case the end of the line. Basically, most small parts are summarized under this term.

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