Are you looking for a fishing rod that will give you great success on the water? Then we at JAEGER are sure to have the right rod for you. All of our products are developed by us with great attention to detail. Take a look around in our shop and discover your ideal fishing rod especially for your target fish! 

Fishing rod: Swiss engineered by JAEGER

Fishing Rod: Optimized for your target fish

Fishing rods can be divided mainly according to the target fish. For larger fish you should choose correspondingly larger and stronger rods, while for smaller target fish it comes down to sensitivity. The type of fishing and the casting weight in combination with the rod parts play a major role. With the PERCH ONE we have developed an optimal all-rounder for perch that has proven itself in practically all situations. With its special guides, the PERCH ONE is suitable for fishing from the bank and allows long casts. With its ideal size, it can also be fished effortlessly from the boat. The casting weight of 5 to 15g makes it the perfect all-rounder for perch fishing. Due to the high-quality processing, our perch rod offers a grandiose bite detection. It is suitable for finesse fishing, light jigging or wobbling. Convince yourself!

Fishing rod: Perch and pike all-rounder in a class

When developing our products, we rely on the experiences and opinions of other anglers. This enables us to offer the optimal fishing rods for different target fish. With a length of 204cm and a casting weight of 5-15 grams, our PERCH ONE is the perfect rod if you're fishing for the spiked knights. The Japanese blank material transmits even the smallest bite directly to your wrist, and it also lets you feel the ground conditions. This is very important when fishing for perch. Even with light tungsten weights you can feel whether you are fishing on a mussel bank or in the mud. Such factors can ultimately determine the success of the catch. Our PIKE ONE was developed over a year with pike experts and claims to be a top-class all-rounder. Not only the best rod parts were used, but also an extra-grip design for the best possible handling.

Frequently asked questions about fishing rods

The fishing method as well as the bait are crucial for choosing the right perch rod. If you focus on the most important methods, you are best served with a sensitive rod with backbone. You can see every bite, no matter how small, and have the power to make the first attempt and hook the fish. We recommend 5-15 grams casting weight to cover the most common baits. The PERCH ONE is perfect for this.

A significantly longer fishing rod is required here, which is characterized by a harder blank. With the PIKE ONE we have built a pike all-rounder that meets all requirements.

Arguably the easiest difference is to look at role and position. With the spinning rod and the so-called spin fishing, a stationary reel is attached with the bracket pointing downwards. With the baitcaster, a multiplier reel is attached to the top of the rod. Differences lie in the type of fishing and the weight of the bait used. While the spinning rod is even more common in Europe, the baitcaster is preferred in the US and Japan.

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