Variety is guaranteed

In the 2024 Advent calendar, we have stepped up two levels compared to last year, not only developing many more and different exclusive products, but also adding a target fish. With a coordinated selection, we ensure that every predator angler gets their money's worth. Whether a fan of Perch, Pike or Trout.

Discover 24 unique products in the Jaeger Advent Calendar 2024. Just to name a few highlights:

  • 2 newly designed hardbaits: Optimally tailored for perch and trout
  • 4 completely new soft baits: Tailored for spectacular catches on perch and pike.
  • 2 specialized lures for trout: For frequency as well as big catches
  • 2 new practical accessories: Essential for every fishing equipment.
  • Rigs & Terminal Tackle...
  • Unique special colors...
  • Secret paint job for the SCORP...
  • and much much more!

Each little door offers a new opportunity to discover and enjoy the world of fishing - and of course to catch fish!