Big bass love freshwater shrimp. The ASTA has protruding, wobbly legs on both sides. They ensure lifelike movement underwater, making it one of our favorites.

Specifications ASTA soft bait Jaeger Fishing The ASTA finds its origin in nature itself and is modeled on the freshwater shrimp. Its legs protruding and wobbling on both sides cause vibrations under water. It also shows its seductive action when it is weightless, which makes it ideal for fishing on the Carolina or Texas Montage. The long antennae also ensure wave-like movements, which makes this lure even more irresistible for perch. Tour of the Carolina Montage Jaeger Fishing We prefer to run the ASTA on the Carolina or Texas assembly. You can see the exact guidance in the figure above.

You can find more details about the lead and combinations in general here tips .