Everything you need. A complete system designed to successfully fish perch. The high-quality carbon rod ensures enormous performance, while the reel has been manufactured using precise milling technology for high-end performance. The 8-plaited line ensures the most direct feedback possible.  With the two most successful techniques and baits you can be up and running in minutes. The ASTA on the Carolina Rig is ideal for deep-standing fish, while the SCORP combined with the PHOX can be pulled through all water depths. To the water, unpack, catch fish.

Specifications Perch Start Jaeger Fishing Rod description:

The versatility of the Jaeger perch rod " THE PERCH ONE " lies primarily in the blank used and the resulting action. Our Toray Blank is very fast and reproduces every pluck cleanly. Despite the speed, the rod works over half of the blank under load. Even with a lighter pull, the tip gives in a little and allows the fish to pick up the bait more easily.

This is especially important when fishing with a Texas, Carolina or drop shot rig. This small buffer in the tip also allows for clean fishing with smaller cranks, chatterbaits or twitchbaits, all of which require a slightly more forgiving rod action.

Despite the sensitive tip, the speed of our blank and the firm feedback ensure optimal bite detection even when jigging. Rings and reel holder from the traditional Japanese company Fuji ensure a stable hold and a silky gliding line.

Role Description:

The harmonious interplay of carbon fibres, aluminum and stainless steel gives our reel the highest level of robustness with the lowest weight. Thanks to precise milling technology and high-quality components, their smooth running and optimal brake adjustment are impressive. The line retraction was deliberately chosen so that the most successful techniques can be fished optimally.