The action of this rubber lure comes amazingly close to the movements of a real bait fish. The pot belly design creates enticing bounces underwater and the tail provides alluring action. A lure for difficult conditions.

Specifications PHOX Softbait Jaeger Fishing The PHOX is a universal bait. The tail was designed to have a seductive action on different rigs. The sinking phase is carefree and is supported by the front center of gravity and the optimally selected salt content. The bulbous body ensures a rolling action, with the lure swaying back and forth. Irresistible for every perch. Can not only be used on the Dropshot Rig and Carolina Rig, but also as a trailer for the Chatterbait. Guide Drop Shot Montage Jaeger Fishing We prefer to use the PHOX on the drop shot assembly or as a trailer on the chatterbait. You can see the exact guide in the figure above.

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