Flexible fishing with the ABRAM

Most of us will know it, the lack of time on the water. If you only have little time for fishing and still want to be flexible for all target fish and situations, you also need the right bait. One that can do everything, whether for perch, zander or even pike and whether on a jig, a rig or as a trailer. Our ABRAM embodies all of these characteristics and reliably catches fish in a surprising number of situations.

It combines many properties that the perfect shad must have for me. On the one hand, it has a soft rubber compound that gives me numerous options. In addition to the normal presentation on the jig, I can also fish the ABRAM perfectly on the C-rig and the tail still plays in the weightless phase. Even weightless on a light wide gap hook as a soft jerk is no problem for it, but despite its soft rubber compound it is stable and can withstand a lot of fish. Due to its slim shape, this shad is extremely smooth-running, but thanks to the lamellae, it also creates small turbulences under water independently of the shovel tail. That can make all the difference, especially on difficult days. Our ABRAM is also salted and flavored, but free of toxic plasticizers, what a master gum!


One for all

Already in the first test phase he showed what was in him. With its scarce 3.2 inches, only the perch as a target fish comes to mind. For me, the first two fish were zander and that at a time when there were hardly any zander during the day. An accident? Especially in waters where there is a high fishing pressure on the zander, they like to switch to a prey scheme that does not correspond to the typical 10cm - 14cm standard zander baits. The ABRAM with its 8cm makes itself perfect and that until winter!

Julian Wurziger

As a little tip for this, I can only recommend the color PLUM OLIVE. The slight violet shimmer that only appears under water can be found on almost any body of water. And if you are specifically trying to target zander with the ABRAM on the jig, then take it easy. One or two turns of the crank is often enough and there is no need for a jig movement with the rod.

Pike with the ABRAM? Of course, this also works perfectly, in combination with our SCORP. No action shads such as pintails or crabs are often used when fishing for perch on chatterbaits. But especially for the pike, there are often not too many stimulus points. The vibrating blade of the chatterbait and then the trailer with a fast-moving shovel tail in connection with the slats leave the pike with no other option than to bite, at least out of aggression. The nice thing about it is that you keep the chance of a good perch open at all times. On our last trip to the Netherlands, our Johnny found out that good pike regularly bite the ABRAM on the jig head. Therefore, whenever there is a risk of pike in your waters, please fish a thin titanium leader. This hardly bothers the perch in the thin diameters and is absolutely pike-proof.

But now to ABRAM's prime discipline, perch fishing! There are many options here and there is the right one for every situation. We already know that the ABRAM also catches good perch on chatterbait. Fished normally with a jig? Sure, but here the lead can be a little faster, especially in the warm season. Especially in difficult phases, the key for the big perch is jealousy about food. These fish are smart and fast, if the presentation is too slow, the perch will often just swim with the bait and lose interest if you stare too long. If I now give my bait a certain speed with overly heavy jig heads and aggressive jig movements in the rod, then our friends don't have much time to think about it. This results in a hard bite!


Does the ABRAM also fit on an offset hook due to its slats? Of course, because there are cut-outs on the upper side to hide this type of hook under the surface, but still allow it to exit perfectly in the event of a bite. This again gives us numerous possibilities and makes the ABRAM usable on every rig. The guidance is then again left to each individual and should be adapted to the season and the target fish. But with rigs in combination with the ABRAM, you shouldn't ignore the grinding over the rod tip. The light and fast-running shovel tail then whirls up additional sediment on the bottom of the water and that simply makes the robbers curious.

But what if the perch squads are not at the bottom? Then we twitch, or fish topwater. On a weighted wide gap hook, this soft bait can also be fished wonderfully as a soft jerk. It breaks out to the side while still playing nicely with its tail, perfect for perch lurking under jetties. If we now use such a hook without weights, the ABRAM even becomes a topwater weapon. All you have to do is tie a wide gap hook directly to your leader. But you should make sure that the hooks are as light as possible. With a faster pull, the rubber then runs completely on the surface and emits air bubbles and noises under water through its shovel tail. A true all-rounder!

Good luck with the Mission Hattrick and show us your ABRAM catch via the hashtag #teamjaeger on Instagram.

Petri Heil wishes you Julian Wurziger

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