If you want to be successful in fishing, then the right selection of fishing lures is of the utmost importance. The Angel Equipment Jungle doesn't make it easy for you, because they come in all colors, shapes and in endless abundance. At JAEGER we offer the most successful fishing lures especially for the most popular target fish. So you have the best possible chance of your dream fish.

Fishing lures for perch and pike: Swiss engineered

Fishing lures optimized for your target fish

Fishing is a complex and time-consuming business - but it's also a lot of fun! It takes years to learn the best and most effective methods. How and where the target fish is, which prey is currently in high demand and many other factors are important decisions when it comes to success on the water. The choice of fishing lures is therefore super important. But how do you know which shad is suitable for which type of fish? This is where we at JAEGER and the whole Teamer community come into play. With our well-founded, many years of experience on a wide variety of waters, an incredible amount of knowledge flows into the development of our fishing lures. Meticulously collected and evaluated, we produce every fishing lure with one goal: It has to land your target fish!

Focus on the perfect fishing bait: catch success as the goal

When it comes to fishing lures, there is a seemingly endless selection of different shapes and colors on the market. Whether wobblers, spoons, spinners, rubber fish or other baits, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed. As enthusiastic anglers, we know this all too well and therefore want to offer you only the best for your target fish. Our products are all coordinated and harmonize perfectly with each other for a special target fish. You will find the right recommendation for every bait, every assembly and for every one of our rods, what you have to use and how in order to successfully catch as many fish as possible. We also offer instructions on how to hook the bait perfectly - preferably with one of our ready-made rigs. Take a look around in our shop and discover our practical bundles!

Frequently asked questions about fishing lures

In addition to the conventional artificial lures for predatory fish such as rubber fish and spinners, there are numerous alternatives. For conventional fishing, natural baits are used, i.e. worms or bread. However, as soon as you are interested in fishing for predatory fish, you cannot avoid artificial lures. Here the selection and the amount of variations is almost endless. New specimens are constantly being designed to imitate the prey pattern of the individual predatory fish as perfectly as possible. These artificial fishing lures now perform better than classic natural baits. We have therefore developed a selection of the most successful rubber baits for the respective target fish.

All artificial lures differ fundamentally on the basis of the following factors: target fish, size, external characteristics, diving depth and movement sequence. It can be said that the size of the target fish directly influences the size of the bait. However, technology also plays an important role. With us you will always find the right recommendation for the respective fishing technique.

Basically, there are many variants of how rubber fish can be fished. Thanks to years of experience and development on the water, we can make specific suggestions as to what works best for your individual case. The shrimp (e.g. ASTA) is unbeatable on the Carolina or Texas rig. A shovel tail like the ABRAM is great for jigging. A pintail like the PHOX is perfect for drop shot rigs or as a trailer for chatterbait (e.g. SCORP). The worm like the OPIS is suitable for different scenarios - we recommend Texas or Drop-Shot, fished wacky.

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