Carolina RigCarolina Rig

Carolina Rig

Texas RigTexas Rig

Texas Rig

Drop shot rig Drop shot rig

Drop shot rig

Drop Shot Rig One Hook Drop Shot Rig One Hook

Drop Shot Rig One Hook

Jig HeadJig Head

Jig Head

If you want to fish with the most successful techniques, then it is important to understand how the different rigs are constructed and when you can best use them. At JAEGER we make it as easy as possible for you. We offer a selection of the most successful rigs - for the greatest possible catch!
Jaeger Fishing Rigs

Rigs: Pre-built and ready to use

The right technique when fishing

The right technique makes the difference. Successful fishing has a lot to do with how the bait is presented. Whether you pull the bait through the entire water column or offer it on the bottom makes a big difference here. In order to be able to fish these different techniques, hooks, leaders and weights must be connected differently. At JAEGER we simplify this process and offer the most important combinations as pre-made rigs so that you have more time to fish and you are ready to go. We also use the best materials, so you don't have to worry about this anymore. Convince yourself!

Your rig up and running in seconds

The prefabricated rigs are ideal for quick changes on the water. Every angler knows the situation when the fish suddenly get into a feeding frenzy and you want to quickly switch from one assembly to the other. Within seconds a new rig can be connected to the main line with a knot and off you go. Our rigs are handcrafted so that every knot sits perfectly, saving you the hassle of tying on the waterfront. The fishing technique is thus ready to use in the prefabricated format. The high-quality components were deliberately put together so that the desired technique can be optimally fished. Convince yourself and discover our different rigs for your success on the water.

Frequently asked questions about rigs

A rig (also known as a rig) actually describes how you offer the bait underwater. The composition often consists of hooks, weights and leader. The special thing is the combination of the different individual parts. Depending on how these are arranged, you can fish with them in different ways. JAEGER offers a selection of the most successful pre-built rigs. Order now and get started right away!

There are countless rigs for the respective target fish. They not only differ in the composition of the individual parts such as hooks, weights and leaders, but are often fished very differently. The Carolina Rig, Drop Shot Rig, Texas Rig and Jig Head are particularly suitable for perch.

In general, this is difficult to answer because the seasons have a strong influence on this. But if you had to pick a winner throughout the year, the Carolina Rig would probably come off best with its zero gravity phase.

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