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Carolina Rig Display (incl. 8 Rigs)

€33,30 €52,00

Cash register display - Carolina Rig 8x Reload package

For tackle shops who want to increase their sales & customer satisfaction without risk

Maximize your sales with every sale while increasing customer satisfaction with our simple & effective checkout display & become part of many satisfied JAEGER partner stores.

Benefits of the Carolina Rig Display

  • Catch more fish: With the Carolina Rig you are well on your way to catching more perch. It is ideal for all waters and weather conditions.
  • Quick and easy to use: Thanks to the prefabricated assembly, the Carolina Rig is quick and easy to set up.
  • Highest quality: With ultra-sharp high-end Japan hooks made of carbon steel and 100% fluorocarbon leader, we guarantee you the highest quality.
  • Swiss Engineering: Benefit from our experience and know-how in the development and production of fishing accessories.
  • Consistent: Our product is eco-friendly and made entirely of tungsten, lead-free.
  • Without risk: Thanks to our money-back guarantee & order on account, you only pay if it works
  • Display right next to your checkout for additional sales with each customer (something that really benefits the customer)

The package (incl. display) contains:

  • Carolina assembly (pre-assembled): 8 pieces
    • 8.8g tungsten bullet weight
    • 0.235 100% Fluorocarbon Trace 3.6kg
    • Offset hook size 2, length 85cm
  • Stand , which can be refilled at any time

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